Ipads - Iphones - Smart Phones - Blackberry's and Other Itablets Have Changed How People Gather Read and Use Information 
Many People Are No Longer Using Computers - Mac's  and Laptops In Favor Of The Above Methods
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Flip Pages Are  Convenient To Read On Cell Phones
Flip page refers to the effect of flipping through the pages of a digital document as if it were a physical document. A flip page application is often made in Adobe Flash and requires the Adobe Flash Player to run in a browser window. The benefit of having a flip page document is that it affords the user experience of reading an actual copy of a physical document or magazine. The technology is commonly used by traditional publishers that want to create (and spread) a digital version of their physical document/paper/magazine.

The illusion of having a tangible document on your computer is more powerful with the flip page function since it mimics the natural way of browsing through a physical document, yet at the same time allows the user to use the traditional electronic benefits like searching through a document, jumping to a certain page, links to external website's etc.
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Many People Use Their Blackberry For Gathering
Information Rather Than PC's and Laptops
e-magazines, e-books - advertising - brochures and reports are very convenient  to read with fliping pages
you can trust us to design a website and e-magazines to create sales or clients at affordable costs